Monday, August 17, 2009

Obama & Mudpups in Phoenix

Four mudpups (Gramian, Mother Who Thinks, Mr. Mother, and Claw Washout Palin) were in Phoenix, Arizona, for President Obama's visit today. Here's Gramian's report, with photos:

I was astonished at how many people showed up. The right wingers tried to harass us as we walked to the staging area, but we just laughed at them. Just like in Anchorage at the Assembly hearings, the Blue people were smiling, laughing and networking our brains out and the Red people were "cranky". Poor darlings have no sense of humor at all.

Phoenix police and Maricopa Sheriff's deputies were out in force and very nice. As we left after the March, many of us thanked them for their protection and they seemed startled at that.

"Mother Who Thinks" got a picture of me and my sign so she will post that when she gets home. I guess you could say this was a typical Democratic event. As one man said, "I don't belong to an organized political party! I'm a Democrat!

There was some scary stuff. There was a guy carrying a loaded AK47, followed everywhere by a Deputy. Arizona loves its guns.

We didn't see the President, but we really didn't expect to. Security was very tight and we were okay with that. I'm sure he saw us. We outnumbered the antis and certainly out-chanted them. We were very well behaved and the wingnuts were nasty. One got in my face and said, "Down with Medicare." I got right back in his face and said, "hell no. I just got my Medicare and I earned it!" They were parked on a corner in full sun while we were across the street in an area with lots of shade and places to sit. No wonder they were so grumpy.

Our Blue people who asked about Mudflats got the URL. When they asked about Sarah, I said, "Oh, you mean Quittypants?" Cracked everybody up. I have the feeling we recruited some new mudpuppies.

One sign really freaked me out. It said that Iraq and Afghanistan both have Universal Health Care, paid for by the United States of America. Well, DAYUM!!

All things considered, I don't for a minute regret going. It got too warm for me near the end, but I coped. The contrast in attitude between us happy little socialists and the big bad right wing was amazing. They are NOT happy campers.

I feel good about what we did and feel pretty positive about it all.

Anyone else have a story or photos to share?


  1. You guys deserve a medal! An AK47??? what the hayl for?? I just can't believe all this; you guys rock and thanks. boodog

  2. Well done justafarmer!!

  3. Thank you lovely ladies, and gentlemen. An AK47? somebody has a bit if an inferiority complex going there, what a moron.

    UK Lady

  4. Great job! What an inviting and attractive group. Thank you for your effort.

  5. Good job Gramiam and friends! Thanks for covering the "hot southlands" as I'm a real heat wimp now and would probably just have passed out with my cardboard sign on top of me :-)

  6. Thanks to all who marched and stood with our president on this health care deal,in Arizona,I watched the news clips and tried to see any yellow boots,no luck Great pictures and the media was fair this time giving both sides coverage not just one side like at some places.I will never understand why someone wants to walk around with an AK47 unless they are drug dealers ect..It is not even a good gun for killin animals it is only used to kill people.If someone wants to make like they are big bold men carrya pisto9l not something used to spray kill people.The man was an idot b ut at least he was watched.People who do what that person did are just looking for trouble and would have loved to have had someone try to take the gun away just to score points.

  7. Thanks for making me feel like I was there! The older I get, the sassier I get with the nut crowd. It's fun to pick on people who don't take it well.

  8. The latest on the gun issue follows:

    The Semi-Automatic Rifle was an AR-15, not an AK-47. Who knew?

    It also has come to light that the turkey walking around with the rifle slung on his shoulder was a plant. He was hired to "work the crowd" by a local Ron Paul inspired Libertarian Group. Those of us who were there weren't worried. We could see all the Law Enforcement types trailing this doofus, just waiting for him to "Make Their Day"! Heaven help him if he had had the hiccups!